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Tim Bringle Memorial Award

The spirit of Tim Bringle fills the rooms and halls and particularly the playing fields of Elkhart Schools. This spirit is not a frightening thing, but rather the warm and friendly, free and easy, fun and likable companion that indeed characterized Tim Bringle, the young man.

Tim was born Ray Delos Bringle on Feb. 8, 1919, in the little town of Brook, Indiana, near the Illinois border. He came to Elkhart with his parents, brother and sister, and attended Middlebury Elementary School.

Very early in his school life, Tim Bringle was marked by two helpful attributes: a coordinated, athletic talent and, even more important, a charming, disarming personality. Progressing through Roosevelt Junior High School, his athletic ability set him apart from most of his classmates. Later, at Elkhart High School, Tim was destined to become one of the premier “superstars” of EHS sports history.

He climaxed a stellar athletic career, graduating in 1937, by blazing away to 19 touchdowns, almost every one of them a broken-field classic. In basketball, he played forward on a strong basketball team, and shifted immediately at season’s end to the track team, on which he was the No. 1 pole vaulter. These athletic exploits, which saw him named All-State in football, were followed by football stardom at Indiana University.

Enlisting in the Air Force in 1941, Tim Bringle became Sgt. Bringle, crew chief and top gunner on a combat B-17 crew.

Tim and his nine crew members were shot down and killed in a raid over Germany in July of 1944.

Listed as missing in action until after his death was verified after the war, Tim Bringle’s name is now memorialized by the award bearing his name, which is presented to the outstanding senior athlete in Elkhart who most closely epitomizes this heroic young man.

The one dimension which overrides even pure athletic prowess in the Bringle Award is that the recipient must me curt from the same self-effacing, humble, altruistic cloth that exemplifies this honor. Without the “spirit,” an athlete becomes a cold mass of statistics reflecting physical skills and lusterless accomplishments derived from a well-endowed body and early physical maturity. With the “spirit” an athlete is a well-rounded, dedicated person who realizes that success is transitory and fleeting, yet to be savored with an attitude of gratitude and appreciation that sets him above and beyond his peers, devoid of childish arrogance.

Such a young man was Ray D. “Tim” Bringle, so it should be to all who carry his “spirit” as winners of the Tim Bringle Memorial Award.

The Tim Bringle Memorial Award is presented annually to the top high school senior male athlete at Elkhart Community Schools. The following are the Tim Bringle Award recipients:

  • 1947    DICK BERLICK    Elkhart High
  • 1948    ED LONGFELLOW    Elkhart High
  • 1949    DICK TAIT    Elkhart High
  • 1950    PAT MONTAGANO    Elkhart High
  • 1951    DICK STARNER    Elkhart High
  • 1952    WAYNE GRUBER    Elkhart High
  • 1953    JACK TILLMAN    Elkhart High
  • 1954    DOYNE GLASSBURN    Elkhart High
  • 1955    JIM EGER    Elkhart High
  • 1956    NEAL SAWYER    Elkhart High
  • 1957    TED LUCKENBILL    Elkhart High
  • 1958    ROLLIE HUFFMAN    Elkhart High
  • 1959    JEFF SLABAUGH    Elkhart High
  • 1960    JIM EVANS    Elkhart High
  • 1961    STEVE BELL     Elkhart High
  • 1962    COLEY WEBB    Elkhart High
  • 1963    JOHN CHESTER    Elkhart High
  • 1964    GARY NICHOLS    Elkhart High
  • 1965    MIKE FRANGER    Elkhart High
  • 1966    BILL FREDERICK    Elkhart High
  • 1967    ED ALBRIGHT    Elkhart High
  • 1968    ORDERIA MITCHELL    Elkhart High
  • 1969    CHUCK BAKER    Elkhart High
  • 1970    BOB HERRICK    Elkhart High
  • 1970    GARVIN ROBERSON    Elkhart High
  • 1971    JOHN BABCOCK    Elkhart High
  • 1972    MIKE STOCK    Elkhart High
  • 1973    TOM EASTMAN    Elkhart Central
  • 1974    RON SMITH    Elkhart Memorial
  • 1975    RICK MATOVICH    Elkhart Central
  • 1976    TOM GLANDERS    Elkhart Central
  • 1977    ROD ROBERSON    Elkhart Central
  • 1978    SCOTT HOMAN    Elkhart Central
  • 1979    MIKE GARY    Elkhart Memorial
  • 1980    MARK FIORITTO    Elkhart Central
  • 1981    JERRY EAKLE    Elkhart Central
  • 1982    JOHN SOPTICH    Elkhart Memorial
  • 1983    RICHARD DELKS    Elkhart Central
  • 1984    DENNIS ROBINSON    Elkhart Central
  • 1985    WAYNE BIAS    Elkhart Central
  • 1986    MARK MILLS    Elkhart Memorial
  • 1987    MATT RONZONE    Elkhart Memorial
  • 1988    DAN BREKKE    Elkhart Central
  • 1989    ROSS HALES    Elkhart Memorial
  • 1990    MATT RUESS    Elkhart Memorial
  • 1991    ANDY LOUGH    Elkhart Memorial
  • 1992    ROBERT JONES    Elkhart Central
  • 1993    AARON MOSS    Elkhart Memorial
  • 1994    CHRIS COZORT    Elkhart Central
  • 1995    ROD GAWTHROP    Elkhart Central
  • 1996    JIMMY CEBRA    Elkhart Memorial
  • 1997    JOE SCHOEN    Elkhart Memorial
  • 1998    BEN MATHERLY    Elkhart Memorial
  • 1999    JEREMY WALTERS    Elkhart Central
  • 2000    MATTHEW DAVIS    Elkhart Memorial
  • 2001    SEAN BRODERICK    Elkhart Memorial
  • 2002    KYLE SEARS    Elkhart Memorial
  • 2003    JERIMY ROBINSON    Elkhart Central
  • 2004    MARCUS PEREZ    Elkhart Central
  • 2005    NICHOLAS CORPE    Elkhart Memorial
  • 2006    BEN BATTJES    Elkhart Memorial
  • 2007    NATHAN PALMER    Elkhart Central
  • 2008    JOSH ROBINSON    Elkhart Central
  • 2009    KOREY CARPENTER    Elkhart Central
  • 2009    ROBERT FITZSIMMONS    Elkhart Memorial
  • 2010    ZACHARY CORPE    Elkhart Memorial
  • 2011    SAMUEL BRADEN    Elkhart Central
  • 2012    URSTON SMITH    Elkhart Memorial
  • 2013    MATTHEW EPPERS    Elkhart Central
  • 2014    TIESHAWN JOHNSON    Elkhart Memorial
  • 2015    TREYTON HARRIS    Elkhart Central
  • 2016    JON BAILEY    Elkhart Memorial
  • 2017    DAVID ELI    Elkhart Memorial
  • 2018    NOLAN GROSE    Elkhart Memorial
  • 2019    NATE DIBLEY    Elkhart Central
  • 2020    DOMINIQUE DAVIS    Elkhart Central
  • 2021    DERRICK WOODS    Elkhart High
  • 2022    TEAGEN RODRIGUEZ    Elkhart High
  • 2023    BRAYDEN JELLISON    Elkhart High